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Uber self-driving fleet briefly grounded after Pittsburgh wreck

Uber's self-driving efforts are alive and well in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh and San Francisco have been central to the company's efforts to put autonomous vehicles out to the wider public in the coming years. That reality is still a ways off, but until then, there are self-driving cars being tested on our city streets -- and they are getting into accidents.

A recent incident on Monday led to the entire Uber self-driving fleet in Pittsburgh being grounded for a couple of hours. One of their self-driving vehicles was involved in a crash. It appears that another vehicle was attempting to make a left turn in front of the self-driving vehicle, and that the two vehicles collided. The wreck was not serious in nature and no one was hurt. 

An attorney can help you after a car accident

You've driven down the highway thousands of times after you leave your job. Every single time, you've made it back without incident. Except, this time it's different. As you are driving down the freeway, you see a vehicle that is clearly being operated by a negligent driver. Unfortunately, this vehicle collides with yours, and you are involved in a serious accident. These circumstances happen hundreds of thousands of times every year in the United States.

Accidents like this could inflict a variety of serious injuries upon you. You could suffer traumatic brain injuries or serious head injuries as a result of a car accident. You could suffer spinal cord injuries or neck injuries that last the rest of your life. You could be paralyzed or suffered injuries that leave you deformed or scarred. Any of these circumstances will deal you tremendous emotional and physical pain.

Dog attacks and pins 9-year-old, who suffers injuries

About three months ago, we wrote a story about a 9-year-old that was attacked by a dog. In that story, we mentioned that even though it happened outside of Pittsburgh, the circumstances could have happened anywhere. And here we are, now reporting on a different 9-year-old that was attacked by a dog in Pittsburgh.

The details of the story aren't quite clear yet. For example, we don't know what breed of dog was involved in the story, nor do we know where the owners were when the attack occurred. But what is known is that the 9-year-old was playing with some friends in front of an abandoned building when the dog suddenly got loose and attacked.

Rompers sold at Cracker Barrel could prove deadly to children

One of the most unique things about Cracker Barrel is the Old Country store out front. While you're waiting for your meal or after you've finished, you probably want to peruse the cutesy items for sale. From giant checkerboard rugs to rabbit skins and even clothing, there's all kinds of gifts and fun items for sale. Unfortunately for some people, one of the items recently sold in Cracker Barrel could prove dangerous.

Gifts, toys and clothing designed for small children must pass rigorous tests and meet specific standards. Small children and infants have different safety needs than the rest of the population. Injuries to children can cost a lot over a lifetime.

Man slips and falls at hospital, sues for $1 million

In September of 2015, a man filed a lawsuit against Baptist Hospitals of Southwest Texas in relation to a slip and fall incident that occurred a year prior in 2014. But as can be the case with lawsuits, it takes time for the full process to be completed. Filed in 2015, it was only recently that both parties agreed to a motion of continuance so that both sides could review discovery responses and information. 

The lawsuit is for $1 million, as the plaintiff alleges that the hospital failed to clean up a liquid substance on the ground, which led to the man slipping, falling, and suffering injuries. The extent of the injuries is not defined or described in our source article, but the plaintiff is requesting damages to cover his pain and suffering, his lost wages at work, his medical costs, his mental anguish, and the loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the incident.

Weather a factor in 2-car crash in Pittsburgh

A car accident on the Parkway East in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania involving two vehicles highlights the dangers of the road and the role that weather can play in motor vehicle accidents.

The wreck happened in the early morning hours of last Friday, August 18. A car was driving in the center lane while heading eastbound. A bread truck was also traveling eastbound, but in the left lane slightly behind the car in the center lane. As the cars were driving along, the car lost control of its vehicle and it slid across the left lane and into the center divider. After colliding with the divider, it bounced back into the left lane and hit the bread truck.

UK study finds increased accident risk on Fridays

While the following story doesn't involve Pennsylvania, or even the United States, it still warrants some discussion on a personal injury blog. Our story today comes from the United Kingdom, where an insurance company performed an analysis of more than 700,000 car accidents in the UK. What they found is that the average driver in the United Kingdom is 14 percent more likely to get into a car accident on Friday than on any other day.

Now, driving laws are different in the UK. Vehicles are different. These could all contribute to a wide disparity in the way accidents occur there than the way they do here in the US. But in general, this seems plausible for the US too.

2016 Pennsylvania crash data: more crashes, fewer deaths

Pennsylvania had a good year in terms of fatal motor vehicle accidents, as 2016 ranked as having the fewest motor vehicle accident fatalities on record. 1,188 people died last year according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. As great as that is though, the state also saw a dramatic increase in total motor vehicle crashes. 129,395 auto accidents occurred in 2016, while in 2014 there were 121,317 accidents. That's a stark jump in the number of wrecks out on Pennsylvania roads.

Broken down a little further, both motorcyclist and pedestrian fatalities increased from 2015 to 2016, but alcohol-related deaths dropped overall.

Why injuries to children can become rather expensive

Most people go out of their way to avoid serious injuries. Whether it's driving more slowly in inclement weather or avoiding unleashed dogs on the street, we all engage in risk management.

Our children, however, often haven't really learned about the dangers of the world yet. As a parent, you do your best to be the force between your child and an unfortunate accident. That means educating your child about potential dangers and sometimes intervening in a situation that could become dangerous. Unfortunately for both you and your child, the world doesn't always give parents a chance to protect.

Early morning accident under investigation, 3 injured

A car crash in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania left three people with injuries and the police combing the scene for answers. The crash occurred in the early morning hours of July 10, roughly around 4:30 a.m. Two vehicles were involved in the crash and one of them ended up catching fire after the crash. After the fire was put out, two people had to be extricated from one of the vehicles.

A 50-year-old man, a 36-year-old woman and a 9-year-old child were injured in the crash. All three were listed in "critical" condition. Little else is known about this crash.

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