Childhood Injuries Can Lead To A Lifetime Of Suffering

If your child was injured in a car accident, while on a playground, bit by a dog, or due to a defective toy, it is important to discuss the situation with an experienced personal injury attorney. At DelVecchio & Miller, LLC, we have more than 45 years of combined experience representing clients in the full range of personal injury cases. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific situation at our firm.

Our lawyers are prepared to represent injured children throughout the state who have suffered serious injuries in numerous circumstances, including:

  • Car accidents: Children can suffer long-lasting or traumatic injuries as a result of car accidents.
  • Dangerous premises: Children can be injured while having fun on the playground, walking across a parking lot or visiting the shopping mall with mom and dad. Typically, these accidents are of the slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall variety and can result in broken bones, severe lacerations or dislocations.
  • Dangerous products: Children can be injured while using defective or faulty products. Toys and cribs are common examples of products that can break, causing serious injuries.
  • Animal attacks: Due to their playful and inquisitive nature, children often seek out dogs and other animals to pet. While this interaction might seem harmless, the dog or other animal might either play too aggressively or attack the child outright.

Injuries to children can be devastating. Head trauma, spinal cord damage, paralysis and the amputation of fingers or limbs can cause a lifetime of both physical and emotional trauma. Additionally, children might have to deal with permanent scarring for the remainder of their lives. We will fight to ensure that your child is fully compensated.

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