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Lawsuits initiated over bites by police dog in Pennsylvania

There's already one existing lawsuit against a Pennsylvania police dog. Soon, there could be others — including at least one by an officer in the Wilkes-Barre K9 unit.

The police dog at the heart of the lawsuits is a German Shepard named Chase. He's accused of biting four people — including two officers — for reasons that aren't quite clear. After the third incident, the city's mayor ordered both the dogs in the K9 unit to be removed from duty and evaluated.

Are wolf-dog hybrids safe as pets or guard dogs?

It's generally acknowledged that the modern dog -- everything from the tiny little Pekingese to the lumbering English Mastiff -- descended from wolves. That split took place so long ago that nobody is certain when people first started keeping dogs as domestic pets.

Despite the deep ties between dogs and wolves, wolves are not domesticated -- and they aren't meant to be kept as house pets. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped a lot of people from trying to turn hybrids of wolves and dogs into pets -- with disastrous results.

Wet weather and driver safety

Any type of inclement weather, including wind and rain, can increase your chances of being in an accident. In fact, wet roads are behind more than one million car accidents every year.

To protect yourself and your family, as well as other drivers on the road, here are some driving tips you should commit to memory for the next time it rains:

Distracted driving is one of the biggest threats on the road

Every time you get behind the wheel, you probably take steps to keep yourself and your passengers as safe as possible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential risks to anyone on the modern road. In addition to inclement weather, traffic issues and even impaired drivers, there is the statistically significant risk of encountering a distracted driver.

Since almost everyone has a mobile phone and people expect instant communication, there is a lot of temptation for people to use them while in a vehicle. Unfortunately, the results of that practice can be devastating for anyone on the road.

3 ways to avoid falls and injuries in autumn

A chill is starting to gather in the air at night and leaves are already starting to turn on a few trees -- which means that autumn is surely here.

It also means that you need to start thinking about how to avoid a dangerous slip-and-fall accident that could leave you seriously injured with broken bones, a fractured spine or a head injury. Here are things to keep in mind.

Want a successful case after a car accident? Avoid these mistakes

Car accidents usually take seconds to happen -- but the aftereffects of one can last for months as you struggle to recover. Unfortunately, insurance companies don't really care about your injuries and pain; they care about their profits. They'll look for any opening to discredit your injuries and try to weaken your case for fair compensation.

To protect your own interests after a car accident, make sure that you avoid the following mistakes:

Poor sanitary practices lead to infection, death in infants

It seems almost impossible to believe that medical professionals in this day and age would forget to take basic sanitary measures -- like wearing gloves -- to protect their newborn patients. Unfortunately, it happens -- and it happened again recently at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Twenty-three premature newborns at the hospital developed a viral infection when medical professionals responsible for their care didn't follow safety protocols. Some of the problems included a failure to clean equipment between each use and the failure to wear gloves when handling the delicate preemies. The children contracted the viral infection due to a microbe that contaminated the ophthalmoscope used to examine them.

Safety rules for children on buses

Watching your school-age child step on a bus in the morning can produce a lot of anxiety -- for good reason. Accidents involving school buses can be devastating.

If your children are riding the bus this year, make sure that they understand the possible dangers. Go over the following safety rules for passengers of a school bus:

Watch for warning signs of a seriously distracted driver

Most people on the road already know to watch out for drunk drivers. They will watch for signs of swerving or somebody driving in an erratic and unpredictable manner. Fewer people realize that distracted driving is almost as dangerous as drunk driving.

There are far more distracted drivers on any given roadway then there are drunk drivers. You run the risk of crossing paths with a distracted driver almost any time you go out on the road. Knowing the warning signs of distraction can help you avoid a potentially serious collision that could result in injury or even death.

Reminding children about pedestrian safety in school zones

Schools everywhere are gearing up to begin the new year, so it's time to go over pedestrian safety with your kids again.

Even if you've had this conversation before, the start of the school year is a good time to remind your children that pedestrians face some serious dangers from drivers who may be more focused on their morning coffee than their commute.

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