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Car accident causes house fire in Pennsylvania

You never really know when a car accident can strike -- even when you're just sitting in your own home.

A woman in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, accidentally set a major wreck in motion when she used the lights of her parked Jeep to illuminate a hornets' nest she was trying to eradicate sometime around 11 p.m. on Aug 12.

How common is it for kids to get hurt on the bus ride to school?

As a parent, sending your child off to school can be an exercise in trust. After all, you love your children and want what's best for them. That's why they go to school, but it's still hard to leave them in the care of a virtual stranger for more than half the day.

So many parents focus on the teacher who will be in the classroom with their children that they overlook someone else who has a critical safety role in the lives of school-age kids. The driver responsible for getting your kids' to and from school every day literally has the life of your children in their hands when they work.

What are your legal rights when a loved one dies in a crash?

Motor vehicles are dangerous, but they are also an important part of daily life. Most of us ignore the risk that comes from driving or riding in cars so that we can participate in the modern economy. You may only start to think about how dangerous these vehicles are when you lose a loved one because of a crash.

In that situation, you will likely start wondering what rights you have as a survivor of a fatal collision. If the crash was caused by someone other than your deceased family member, you have rights under Pennsylvania law to seek compensation related to the crash.

When a defective product injures you, take action

What makes a product defective? Theoretically, just about any product on the market could potentially injure someone -- but not if they're used appropriately and with the right precautions. When you buy a product, you enter into a sort of contract with the manufacturer and seller that the product will do what it's supposed to do -- without causing injuries through some kind of malfunction.

Unfortunately, it isn't easy to tell just by looking at a product whether it's defective. Take, for example, the recent recall of 23,000 Super Jumper Trampolines. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall, which affected both the 14-foot and 16-foot trampolines -- all of which are equipped with safety nets -- because the welding job on the legs underneath the toy was defective. The trampolines could potentially collapse under normal use.

What's the real danger of distracted driving?

Car accidents cause about 90 deaths every day, and about three million people suffer injuries in crashes every year. How much does distracted driving come into play?

A lot, apparently -- especially in the United States. Reckless driving, which is often related to distracted driving is behind 33% of all car accident deaths. However, a deeper look into exactly how distracted driving presents a safety challenge on the road to everyone is even more disturbing.

Postal workers: Beware summer dog bite injuries

Back in April, the United States Postal Service started reminding postal workers that it is, at least for them, "dog bite season."

Every summer, dog bite injuries tend to spike as soon as the weather turns warm. In large part, that's because more dogs are outside in the first place -- with or without their owners at hand. Some may be roaming free inside fenced yards, others may be enjoying dog parks with their owners nearby, some may be on leashes for their daily walk and a few may simply have escaped the confines of their house and yard and gone roaming.

Concussion logs: Why they're important

If you were injured in a serious car accident with another vehicle or a truck, a concussion is a very real possibility.

With a concussion, you can develop a variety of cognitive problems that are typically associated with a traumatic brain injury. One of the smartest things that you can do following a concussion is to keep a log of your symptoms (or ask a close relative to keep the log for you). That way, you can give your doctors the most complete information possible about your condition -- which can aid in both diagnosis and treatment.

Do you use proper lane control when bicycling?

Many bicyclists feel uncomfortable bicycling on the road, and that fear may be warranted. Bicyclists do not have the same protection as motor vehicle drivers have, so when bicycles and cars collide, the bicyclist often experiences catastrophic injuries. In 2017, 783 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Although your feeling of unease may be understandable, it may not be necessary. By confidently controlling the lane in appropriate situations, you may reduce some of the risks you face when bicycling on the road.

What are the most common summer injuries?

Summer is the time for outdoor fun and adventure -- but the warm weather, long days and active nights can also pose unusual dangers for many people.

Hospitals and doctors report an uptick in a few very specific types of injuries every summer -- especially over the weekends when people have the sparest time (and, apparently, are the most inclined to get into trouble).

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