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Dangerous premises are a risk to everyone

Slip and fall accidents fall under premises liability, an area of law that actually covers a significantly greater field of injurious incidents than just slip and falls. Negligent and dangerous conditions can exist in myriad buildings, sidewalks, bridges, vehicles, and many other places. And when they lead to a person suffering needlessly and avoidable harm, it is only right that the victim gets a chance to hold the at-fault party responsible for their inability to cure the risky condition.

Slip and fall accidents are an easy one to point to, though. When a business or property owner fails to recognize and properly clean up a wet or slippery substance on the ground, innocent and unsuspecting people can suffer serious injuries as a result of a slip and fall.

Woman remembers little about horrible dog attack

While the following story didn't happen here in Pennsylvania, it just sheds light -- yet again -- on the terrible reality that victims of dog attacks must face after another person's pet decides to go rogue. In this particular case, we look to New Jersey where a woman was simply trying to warn her neighbor's about some rat poison in the neighborhood. When she approached the neighbor's door and knocked, the neighbor opened the door slightly.

And that was the last thing the woman remembers before being mauled.

It’s a must to follow these holiday driving tips

Imagine this: You and your loved ones jump in the car for a long road trip during the holiday season. While you know just how much fun this can be, you also realize that there are safety risks everywhere.

If you're going to hit the road this holiday season, it's imperative that you take all the right steps in regard to your safety. This means following these driving tips:

  • Prepare your vehicle in advance. Are your windshield wipers working? Do you have enough air in your tires? Your vehicle should be ready to handle every aspect of the trip.
  • Plan your route in advance. When you do this, you never have to concern yourself with getting lost along the way. Also, when you put the address into the GPS before you leave, this distraction won't get in your way.
  • Follow the speed limit. As tempted as you may be to speed so you can reach your destination sooner rather than later, you don't want to make this mistake. You need to follow the rules of the road.
  • Eliminate distractions. This means many things, such as letting your children know how important it is to behave. You should also keep your cellphone out of reach.

6 people injured after two vehicles collide in Pittsburgh

Two vehicles were involved in a brutal accident in Pittsburgh recently, leaving all six people involved with injuries. The crash is still under investigation and no one is quite sure how the accident started at this juncture, but what we do know is that the collision was forceful enough to tip one of the vehicles on its side and rip the roof off of the car.

There were three people in each of the vehicles when they collided shortly before 11 a.m. two weeks ago on Oct. 12. No one was seriously injured in the crash, but all six people involved in the crash had to be transported to a local hospital for treatment. The three people in the car that didn't tip over were able to get out of their car on their own -- but two of the three people in the vehicle that tipped over had to be extracted by emergency crews.

Let's talk about product liability

It would be great if we could all trust companies to do their due diligence and always produce perfectly safe, flawless products. However, that is not the world we live in. We live in an imperfect world where mistakes happen, and sometimes the companies we trust make products that hurt us. Finding out what went wrong, and why the product was defective, is a central part of a product liability lawsuit.

This can happen in many different contexts. A car could have parts that malfunction due to a defect, making the brakes fail or the airbags deploy at inopportune times. A blender may have a critical flaw that causes it to burst or explode, putting people in the vicinity of it at risk. A kid's toy may be particularly brittle, causing a choking hazard.

The fatality rate in accidents is going up

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about 2016 accident data for the state of Pennsylvania. In that post, we talked about how there were more motor vehicle accidents despite those accidents resulting in fewer deaths. This is a tremendous sign -- but it is not one that is shared nationally, as a new report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed.

According to the report which details what was going on in 2016 on U.S. roads, streets and highways, there were increases in many motor vehicle accident figures -- and most of them were deadly.

Water leak on rubber soccer field leads to broken ankle

While the circumstances for every slip and fall case are different, the source for our blog post today does have a unique setting. A man who was 38 years old in 2013 was playing indoor soccer on a rubberized floor at a gym when he slipped and fell on a puddle caused by a leak from the ceiling. The fall broke his ankle in several places, and the man needed three surgeries to correct the issue.

That man is now 42 years old, and his slip and fall lawsuit against the community center that hosted the soccer game he was playing in was recently settled for $450,000.

Contractor brings dog to job site, attack occurs

Today, we want to talk about a relatively minor dog bite incident that exemplifies some of the inappropriate thinking that many dog owners can succumb to. The incident did not occur here in Pennsylvania, but instead in Massachusetts. A contractor that owns a pit bull mix brought his dog to a job site. He did not have the dog on a leash and he thought that his dog would be okay at the job site.

However, another dog walked by at the moment he drove up to the site and let his dog out. His pit bull mix chased down the smaller dog and attacked it, causing some minor injuries to the other dog. The pit bull mix's owner and the owner of the other dog suffered puncture wounds on their hands as they intervened and pulled the two dogs apart.

What wrongful death means in car accidents

Consider the basics of driving: people operating powerful, heavy vehicles capable of exceeding 100 miles per hour on stretches of asphalt where numerous vehicles are in close proximity to each other. It would be more terrifying if it weren't so normal.

Now consider all of the things that make driving even more dangerous than it already is. People can drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They can check their phones, send tweets, and fire off texts in short order. They can fall asleep because they are tired, or they could get lost in thought during a long drive. All of these behaviors and actions can lead to a fatal car accident.

Head and brain injuries commonly result from slip-and-falls

It can be easy to brush off a slip-and-fall accident when it happens. You may feel embarrassed, particularly if it happened at a business where others are present. If everyone in the frozen foods section is staring at you, it's natural to want to get away from the area as soon as possible. Doing so could end up being a big mistake.

Slip-and-fall accidents can often result in serious injuries. Even if you don't think you're hurt, you should always take the time to report the accident to the manager on duty or the owner of the business. Failing to do so could make it impossible to get necessary compensation if injuries do become obvious at a later date. Taking the time the report the incident, especially if you hit your head or blacked out, even for a second, could prove invaluable later.

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