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Should children know how to prevent dog bites?

Children often come into close contact with dogs. They may have a dog as a pet at home, and they may also visit friends' houses who have dogs as pets. They are also likely to come into contact with dogs when playing on the sidewalk or in a park.

The majority of dogs are well-trained and not aggressive when they come into contact with children. However, parents should make sure that their child is aware of the possible risks that dogs pose. Dogs are ultimately unpredictable, and they can attack or bite suddenly and unexpectedly.

Are you ready for spring motorcycle riding?

We in Pennsylvania know that spring and summer are two of the most enjoyable seasons for motorcycle riders. Spring is especially anticipated, with motorcyclists who have been champing at the bit all winter for some wind therapy on the open road.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that motorcyclists constantly face great hazards up against larger motor vehicles and commercial trucks. Many drivers in other vehicles fail to properly check their blind spots and safely share the roads with motorcycles. It's just this sort of "motorcycle blindness" that can injure or kill riders. Below are some other spring riding safety tips to keep in mind.

Why you might need to file a civil suit after a car crash

When a serious car crash leaves you or your passengers with significant injuries or demolishes your vehicle, you probably assume that your auto insurance will cover you and make sure that you don't incur substantial financial losses.

After a car crash in Pennsylvania, some people feel shocked when they learn that the insurance available may cover only a tiny fraction of their total costs. Many people believe that if they carry good coverage, they have good coverage. However, the amount of coverage available and which policy pays after an accident will depend on who caused the crash.

Avoid a spring dog bite with these tips

Spring is slowly arriving, and that means that more dog walkers are going to be out and about with their pets on the sidewalks in residential neighborhoods just about everywhere. Unfortunately, not every dog walker is considerate enough of their neighbors to make sure their pooch is on a leash.

Most dog owners who let their dogs off the leash when they walk will insist that their girl or boy is well-trained and harmless, but you simply never know when an animal will interpret your actions as threatening -- especially when you're with your own pup. Here are some tips for protecting yourself when you see a unleashed dog heading your way:

  • Stay calm. Your dog is going to look to you for guidance on how to handle the situation. If you react with fear, your dog may jump to your protection and that could unnecessarily antagonize the other animal.
  • Look at the other dog's physical cues. Is the other dog's posture friendly or threatening? Relaxed ears and a full-body wag of the tail indicate that that other dog is merely excited, not attacking.
  • Steer away. If you see someone with an unleashed dog ahead of you and there's time, steer your dog in another direction. That's the easiest way to avoid an encounter that could turn violent.
  • Stop and block. If you can't evade the other dog entirely, stop your dog and put him or her behind you. Then, order the other dog back in a firm voice by saying "No!" or "Stop!" or something similar.
  • Ask the owner to take control. If the owner or other person walking the dog is paying attention and you feel safe, ask them to re-clip the animal's leash until you and your pet are gone.

How long do personal injury claims take?

You were injured through no real fault of your own and you spent several weeks laid up and unable to work. The insurance company doesn't want to play fair so they offered you less than it takes to even cover your medical bills. You're thinking of hiring an attorney, but it seems to you that personal injury claims take forever to settle, so you aren't sure.

Well, it can take a while to get some results from a personal injury claim. However, there's a good reason for that. Once you understand what's happening, you may not mind the wait so much.

How do you handle aggressive drivers?

There's something about getting behind the wheel of a car or truck that turns some people into monsters. Their antics can involve tailgating other drivers, rushing red lights, swerving around any vehicle they perceive as "too slow" and angrily swearing and gesturing at other motorists or honking their horns.

Aggressive drivers aren't just scary, however. They're also dangerous. It's estimated that guns are involved in 37% of aggressive driving encounters and in 66% of all traffic fatalities. Somewhat unsurprisingly, their anger and aggression tend to provoke more anger. About half of all drivers who have been on the receiving end of aggressive tactics admit that they have "fired back" with angry gestures and rude behavior of their own.

Pick the right attorney with these tips

How do you know if the attorney you're thinking of hiring is the right person to handle your injury claim?

You start with the consultation. The consultation helps the attorney understand your problem and determine your options. It also gives you an opportunity to see if the attorney is a good "fit" for you.

What's the 'hills and ridges doctrine' in Pennsylvania?

If you live in Pennsylvania, you know that ice and snow are common hazards for a good chunk of the year. You may also know that property owners generally have a duty to keep their property well-maintained and safe of obvious hazards that could put someone in danger.

But, there is also a "hills and ridges" rule that comes into play. Under state law, property owners can't be held accountable for slips and falls due to snowy weather or icy conditions in uneven elevations unless they allowed the snow and ice and to accumulate in a way that is unreasonably dangerous. The property owner also has to be aware that the snow and ice is there, and have a reasonable time to clear the hazard when it does exist.

Safety tips for driving in the rain

During the early months of the year, rain can be even more problematic than snow on the roads. Ideally, if you can avoid being out and about in bad weather, that's probably for the best.

If you're like most people, however, you can't pick and choose the times you're on the road (especially during your weekday commute). Here are some tips for driving in the rain that could save your life:

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