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Dental injuries and car accidents: What to know

Car accidents are simply an unavoidable hazard of modern life. There will be approximately 6 million car accidents this coming year. In those accidents, roughly 3 million people will be injured -- 2 million of them permanently. While many people associate broken bones and head injuries with car accidents, dental trauma is something that few people consider.

How common is dental trauma after a car wreck?

Common causes of indoor slips and falls

Slips and falls are one of the most common types of accidents people have. Seniors, in particular, have good reason to fear a fall. One out of every three people over the age of 65 will fall every year -- and that can lead to broken arms, legs or hips, extended stays in a nursing facility and a downward health spiral from which a victim might never recover.

The worst part is that many slips and falls -- especially those that occur indoors -- could be prevented if property owners and managers simply exercised a little more care.

What happens during and after a brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are very common in car accidents -- even among people who think they walked away from a wreck without a scratch. They only realize hours, days or weeks later just how seriously they were hurt.

The majority of TBIs are invisible to the naked eye. The sudden force of the impact between two vehicles can send your delicate brain crashing against the bones in your head, leaving all of the bruises, blood and broken neural connections entirely out of sight.

58-vehicle wreck in Pennsylvania shuts down Interstate 80

On Dec. 18, a large section of Interstate 80 in Union County was shut down after a deadly crash involving numerous vehicles, including many big-box trucks and FedEx delivery vans. Initially, it was reported that 30 vehicles were involved. However, there were actually 58 cars and trucks impacted by the crash.

At least three people died in the wreck, including a 53-year-old man from Hatfield and a 58-year-old woman from Michigan. Another man, whose information was not released to the media, died after being transported to a hospital.

Are you out on the roads during the most dangerous time?

Modern motor vehicles provide fast and reliable transportation, but they are also a source of significant risk. Drivers often offset some of that risk by having proactive safety practices in place, while passengers can also make decisions that minimize their risk, such as always putting on their seat belt and making sure they don't drive with someone who is under the influence. Reminding the driver not to text and drive can also help you stay safer.

Drivers may avoid certain roads to stay safe while also reducing their personal contribution to collision risks. What people often forget is that there is more risk for a serious crash at certain times of day and days of the week than at other times. Whether you drive for convenience or as part of your job, knowing the most dangerous time of the week on the roads can help keep you as safe as possible.

Avoid a Christmas dog bite with these tips

The holidays are a time for sparkling lights, eggnog, brightly wrapped presents and -- unfortunately -- dog bites.

Every year, dog bites spike around the holiday season. Why? It's simple: Dogs, just like human beings, tend to get stressed out by all of the activity and unpredictability of the season. When a dog gets stressed, it is far more likely to become aggressive -- and that often means biting whoever is nearby.

Product liability claim against Amazon goes to appeal

What responsibility does Amazon have for defective products sold through its platform?It's a good question that, right now, doesn't have a definitive answer -- although a case that goes to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals early in 2020 may help provide an answer.

The case involves a Pennsylvania woman who purchased a retractable dog leash through Amazon. The collar promptly broke upon use, flinging the end of the leash backward into the woman's left eye, partially blinding her.

The holiday season brings increased drunk driving risk

Everyone knows that the holiday season is a time of family get-togethers and office parties. Regardless of your religious background or your marital status, the chances are good that you participate in at least some form of holiday celebration.

Spending time with family, enjoying special meals and giving gifts are all common ways for people to celebrate the holidays. At many celebrations and family gatherings, alcohol will flow liberally to help set the festive mood. Unfortunately, all of that alcohol consumption combined with days away from work and school can drastically increase the risk of drunk driving accidents around the holiday season.

Court rules hockey player not liable for other player's injury

Back in 2013, two high school hockey teams, one from Pennsylvania and the other from Massachusetts, met for a match in Marlboro. One of the Pennsylvania teens seriously hurt the wrist of one of the other team's players with the blade on his skate during the game when he checked the other teen's play. The Massachusetts teen suffered a permanent injury and sued.

The suit was ultimately dismissed, and the Massachusetts Appeals Court upheld the ruling in a decision that essentially said:

  • Even though the Pennsylvania player was playing quite hard, that type of aggression was normal for the game of hockey at the level they were playing.
  • That type of accident and injury suffered by the plaintiff can sometimes happen in a hockey game.
  • There was no indication that the Pennsylvania teen was purposefully trying to injure the other player, and he had no history of violence toward other players.
  • When you choose to play a game that's as rough as hockey, you accept a certain amount of danger comes with it.

What are 'damages' in a car accident claim?

The word "damages" has a particular meaning in the legal world, distinct from its meaning in ordinary English, that's important to understand once you've been injured in a car accident.

In a car accident claim, your damages represent a dollar amount equal to the losses you have suffered as a result of the accident. Some of the damages you suffer may be easy to quantify, while others may be significantly harder to value because of their intangible nature.

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