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Winter weather can lead to slip-and-fall injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2017 | Slip-and-fall Accidents |

In addition to less sunlight and colder temperatures, winter can create a build-up of snow and ice in areas where pedestrians travel. This, if not promptly addressed and removed, can result in serious slip-and-fall injuries. These injuries can range from simple bruising to broken bones, nerve damage, and even closed head or traumatic brain injuries.

If you have recently slipped while outside of a business, on their sidewalk, in their parking lot, or in their foyer, that business or their liability insurance may be responsible for covering your medical bills, lost wages, and other bills accrued as a result of your fall.

Slip-and-fall accidents are serious

Many people think of slip-and-fall accidents as nothing serious. They imagine that the person involved will just brush the snow off clothing and move on with the day. In reality, as humans age, slip-and-fall accidents can pose serious threat. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip-and-fall accidents result in as many as one million emergency room trips every year. Some people with slip-and-fall injuries could require surgery, physical therapy, or even long-term nursing care as a result of their accident. That’s why speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney is important.

Businesses are liable to maintain safe premises for their visitors

Many people, when reporting a slip-and-fall injury to the business where they were hurt, are told the injury was a result of their own carelessness. Nothing could be father from the truth! Any person can slip on snowy or icy footing, and their injuries are not their fault. Businesses are obligated to maintain clear and safe walkways for their customers. That includes clearing their sidewalks, parking areas, and interior floors to prevent these kinds of accidents. If you have reason to believe that the business where you were injured isn’t taking the situation seriously, an attorney may be able to help you.

Personal injury attorneys understand the expense of recovery

From mounting medical bills to lost wages, a slip-and-fall injury can result in a lost of expense. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney means that you will have someone advocating on your behalf to insurers and the business where you were injured. They will know if an offered settlement is too low. They can also advise you on the best way to proceed after an injury from a slip-and-fall accident. Don’t rely on the goodwill of the business where you were hurt or their insurer. Neither will have your best interest at heart.

An experienced personal injury attorney will tirelessly fight on your behalf to help you recover the losses incurred after a serious slip-and-fall accident. Other than seeking medical attention, speaking with an attorney should be your first priority after a serious injury as a result of poorly maintained premises.


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