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Motor vehicle accidents can result in permanent injury or death

On Behalf of | May 6, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car, you accept some serious risks. While nothing is going to happen the vast majority of times that you’re driving or riding in a car, motor vehicle accidents and collisions happen every day. Most motor vehicle accidents involve minor or no injuries, but people do suffer serious injury and die from preventable crashes every day in this state. While you may drive carefully and maintain your car to prevent accidents, you cannot control the behavior of other drivers. When someone else causes an accident, it can still cause you serious and even permanent injuries.

In 2015, the most recent year with analysis available, the statistics paint a grim picture. Based on the 2015 statistics, in Pennsylvania, three people die in motor vehicle accidents every single day. Another 225 people are injured each day in car accidents. Sometimes, injuries are broken bones or minor contusions. Other times, people suffer soft tissue damage, penetrating injuries from pieces of glass or metal, or suffer head, back or spinal injuries. The risk is real: One out of 44 people in the state have an accident each year.

Insurance isn’t the only concern after an accident

You may think that because you have health insurance and motor vehicle insurance, your finances won’t suffer in the event of a serious accident. However, it is possible for the injuries from the accident to leave you unable to work. COBRA coverage when you lose your job may prove to be too expensive. You can quickly find yourself unable to pay for the mounting medical bills still piling up, to say nothing of the other costs of living, such as your mortgage. Your insurance company may try to talk to you as soon as possible, but you want an attorney there to help you before you do.

Insurance adjusters will do their best to get you to admit some kind of fault so that they can limit or even deny coverage for the accident. Your attorney can help you through the process to ensure you don’t incriminate yourself or lose benefits. An experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can also help by reviewing your policy to see what kind of benefits you should get. Your lawyer can also look over any cash settlement offered by your insurance or the insurance of the other driver to ensure it’s fair to you.

In the wake of an accident that causes serious injury, you need legal advice. If you or the other driver only carry the smallest legally available policy, a lawsuit may be the only way to recover your losses. An attorney can review your situation and help you determine the best way forward.


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