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9-year-old bitten by pit bull

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2017 | Dog Bites |

A dog bite story out of Kansas City could have happened anywhere in America, given its all-too-familiar details. The story involves a 9-year-old child that had just arrived at a park with his father. The child was skating with his father when a pit bull suddenly charged the boy and bit him on the upper part of his arm. He suffered injuries that are detailed in the story, though thankfully they aren’t life-threatening. It appears the 9-year-old will be fine.

But there are a lot of elements of this story that need to be discussed, because they touch on common problems with dogs and common problems that victims have in the wake of a dog accident:

  • Post-bite treatment. The source article says that the boy and his father worried about rabies and post-bite vaccinations and medical treatment, though eventually these fears were alleviated because the dog was up to date on its shots. Rabies shots after a dog bite can be very expensive, and when the bite occurs due to negligence, the victim should be repaid by the owner for any treatment they have to endure.
  • Getting information from the dog owner. The father in this story admits that in the chaos that followed the bite, he didn’t get any information from the dog owner. Thankfully, they eventually tracked the owner down. If possible, get the owner’s information immediately after a dog bite.
  • The dog itself. Far too many dogs aren’t properly trained, and they go running after people for seemingly no reason. These poorly trained and out-of-control dogs can wreak havoc, and their owners are responsible for teaching them boundaries and restraint.

Source: KWQC, “Dog bites child at Davenport Skate Park-UPDATED,” Gabriella Rusk, June 12, 2017


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