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July 2017 Archives

Early morning accident under investigation, 3 injured

A car crash in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania left three people with injuries and the police combing the scene for answers. The crash occurred in the early morning hours of July 10, roughly around 4:30 a.m. Two vehicles were involved in the crash and one of them ended up catching fire after the crash. After the fire was put out, two people had to be extricated from one of the vehicles.

Could there be a way to eliminate pedestrian accidents?

Do you think it is possible to eliminate pedestrian accidents? Many people would say "no" so long as self-driving cars aren't the norm. With human error involved in driving, there will always be pedestrian accidents that occur. Or at least, that's how conventional thinking would have it. One town has bucked the trend though and it made it seem possible to eliminate pedestrian accidents.

After attack, dog in Vermont ordered to take behavioral training

An 11-year-old boy was attacked by a 10-month old puppy outside of the state of Pennsylvania recently. Thankfully, the boy didn't suffer any serious injuries in the attack, at least not by what is described in the source article. However, the story is notable for the way the state of Vermont, where the dog bite incident occurred, handles their dog bite cases.

Yet again, failure to place signage leads to slip and fall

Last week we wrote a post outlining the serious nature of slip and fall accidents. A couple of weeks before that, we wrote a post about a series of slip and fall incidents that occurred at the Mall of America within minutes of each other. And today, we continue the sip and fall theme by discussing a woman who is suing Wal-Mart after she slipped and fell on an unknown substance.

Serious slip-and-fall injuries are more common than you think

The slip-and-fall scene is so common in movies and television that many people have internalized the way Hollywood presents these accidents. A person slips, maybe on a banana peel, and flies up into the air, feet up and head down. The victim comes crashing down, buttocks and ego bruised, only to get up and walk it off.

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