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Rompers sold at Cracker Barrel could prove deadly to children

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Product Liability |

One of the most unique things about Cracker Barrel is the Old Country store out front. While you’re waiting for your meal or after you’ve finished, you probably want to peruse the cutesy items for sale. From giant checkerboard rugs to rabbit skins and even clothing, there’s all kinds of gifts and fun items for sale. Unfortunately for some people, one of the items recently sold in Cracker Barrel could prove dangerous.

Gifts, toys and clothing designed for small children must pass rigorous tests and meet specific standards. Small children and infants have different safety needs than the rest of the population. Injuries to children can cost a lot over a lifetime.

Babies may not have the best gross or fine motor skills, but they can often open or even break things designed for their use. When poorly designed or made items wind up on or near an infant or toddler, tragedy can soon strike.

Cracker Barrel sold rompers that pose choking hazard

The stores inside Cracker Barrel restaurants are probably not the best place to buy kid’s clothing. However, when something’s really cute, even the most danger-conscious mother could make a bad call. From April of 2017 through July 2017, Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores were selling a romper by Fabri-Tech for roughly $20. These rompers featured red and white checker patterns and a tool box embroidered on the front. Unfortunately, there are also buttons to help attach the sleeves.

The buttons were insufficiently attached, which means that they could get pulled or ripped off. There has been at least one reported incident of a small child putting a button from this romper in his or her mouth. The child was unhurt, but the potential for a fatal choking incident is there. Even if the choking accident wasn’t fatal, it could potentially result in permanent brain damage in certain situations. In order to reduce liability, the manufacturer has agreed to a recall.

Recalls protect companies, not people

Unfortunately for those who patronize Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, a recall will do very little to reduce the risk associated with a romper that they bought for a loved one. Recalls help limit the liability incurred by a retailer or manufacturer associated with a faulty product, but they don’t truly protect consumers. Consumers are only protected when unsafe products get discovered before going to the market.

When manufacturers and retailers fail to perform adequate safety and functionality testing, consumers can end up paying the price. Injuries, illnesses and even fatalitites can result. In situations where someone is hurt or killed by a faulty product, both the retailer and the manufacturer could be held liable. Many times, financial penalties are the only way to motivate businesses to protect consumers and take care when designing products.


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