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Weather a factor in 2-car crash in Pittsburgh

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A car accident on the Parkway East in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania involving two vehicles highlights the dangers of the road and the role that weather can play in motor vehicle accidents.

The wreck happened in the early morning hours of last Friday, August 18. A car was driving in the center lane while heading eastbound. A bread truck was also traveling eastbound, but in the left lane slightly behind the car in the center lane. As the cars were driving along, the car lost control of its vehicle and it slid across the left lane and into the center divider. After colliding with the divider, it bounced back into the left lane and hit the bread truck.

It appears that the police are blaming the accident on rain, as that is the sole reason given in the article for why the car in the center lane suddenly lost control and crashed. Of course, there will be further investigation into this crash and more will be known soon. But for now, that’s what we have to go on.

Weather plays a huge factor in many car accidents. Icy weather can make cars slide all over the road; rain can make it difficult to control your car; fog can make it difficult to see; and there are myriad other reasons that mother nature can impact your ability to safely operate your vehicle.

But it is still the responsibility of drivers to operate their vehicle safely. Pull over to the side of the road if conditions get too dangerous. If a driver fails to do this when he or she really should have, then they could be deemed at fault for an accident that they cause.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Multi-Vehicle Crash Causes Extensive Backups On Parkway East,” Aug. 18, 2017


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