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Dog attacks and pins 9-year-old, who suffers injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2017 | Dog Bites |

About three months ago, we wrote a story about a 9-year-old that was attacked by a dog. In that story, we mentioned that even though it happened outside of Pittsburgh, the circumstances could have happened anywhere. And here we are, now reporting on a different 9-year-old that was attacked by a dog in Pittsburgh.

The details of the story aren’t quite clear yet. For example, we don’t know what breed of dog was involved in the story, nor do we know where the owners were when the attack occurred. But what is known is that the 9-year-old was playing with some friends in front of an abandoned building when the dog suddenly got loose and attacked.

The dog chased the 9-year-old as he fled the scene. He eventually made it to the door of his home where the dog pinned him against it. The boy’s grandmother made it out, as well as her husband, to get the dog off the boy. The 9-year-old had to be taken to a hospital for bites on his arm and for some scratches on his face. It appears that the boy is fine and that no serious injuries occurred. But that also isn’t the point.

Dangerous dogs like this put families and communities at risk of an attack. This dog in particularly allegedly had previous incidents of violent behavior. The owners of dogs need to responsibly raise, and tend to, their dogs. When they fail in these regards, they can be held liable when their dog attacks another person.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Family Says Boy Attacked By Neighbor’s Dog,” Aug. 15, 2017


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