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6 types of staged auto collisions

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most of us are trying so hard to avoid getting into a car crash that we never consider the fact that some people are causing them on purpose. So-called “staged car accidents” are rising in popularity as a way for criminals and scam artists to make a quick buck.

What follows are five examples of staged car accidents. If someone caused you to get into a crash, and now the blame and liability for the accident is being put on your shoulders, you might be a victim of a staged accident.

6 ways staged auto collisions happen

Here are six examples of staged auto collisions that you’ll want to try and avoid at all costs:

You were singled out as a mark: If you drive a nice car, if you’re an elderly person or if you’re a single female driver, “stagers” could try and single you out for a staged auto collision. If you fall into one of these categories, be on the lookout for stagers.

Quick stops: A stager might cut you off, then slam on his or her brakes. Or, if you’re tailgating, the stager might slam on the brakes and cause you to hit him or her from behind.

A car out of nowhere: Imagine that you don’t technically have the right of way at an intersection, but a pedestrian or another driver motions you forward. Then, out of nowhere, another car appears and you hit it. Or, a driver might motion your forward and then hit you. These could be signs of a staged accident.

More passengers and unexplainable injuries: Passers-by who are in on the con could try to jump in the other car right after the accident and claim that they’d been there the whole time. These passengers might claim injuries as well.

Dishonest witnesses: Does the witness claim that something different happened than actually occurred? That witness could be working as part of a team effort to create the staged accident event.

The biggest issue surrounding staged accidents

The reason why staged accidents are such a problem is that the real victims may be determined to be at fault. This could make it difficult for them to pursue financial claims to pay for their medical care and property damages.

If you were hurt in a crash that wasn’t your fault — but the other party is trying to make it look like you were to blame — consider your legal rights and options carefully. You might be the victim of a staged car accident.


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