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Early morning crash claims 2 lives

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While the following story isn’t particularly current, it still happened here in Pennsylvania and it exemplifies the wide variety of circumstances and problems that can befell people out on the road.

The accident occurred last month in the early morning hours of Friday, March 30, when two people were killed in a five-car accident. Interstate 79 had to be closed for at least six hours as a result of the accident. The wreck occurred when one of the five vehicles tried to pass traffic and entered oncoming traffic to do so. As a result, they collided with an oncoming car, and the other three vehicles around the colliding vehicles sustained damage and were wrapped up in the wreck. A 31-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man were killed in the accident.

It is unclear how many people were injured in the crash or how severe the injuries were for those harmed in the wreck.

Other details aren’t clear yet, but there are a couple of things to note about this story. First, changing lanes and trying to pass in traffic are risky maneuvers, and any driver should perform these maneuvers only when they know safety is guaranteed. Failing this, they could be held liable for a dangerous driving act.

The other lesson is that the injuries in any car accident can be catastrophic or fatal. Such horrible circumstances can change, or end, a person’s life. When negligence is involved in the crash, legal consequences are possible — and justice must be done.

Source: Post-Gazette, “Two killed in five-vehicle wrong-way crash on I-79,” Shelly Bradbury, March 30, 2018


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