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Pennsylvania drivers are among the safest from drunk drivers

Are you worried about the possibility of an accident with a drunk driver? It's a reasonable worry, especially with New Year's Eve upon us. However, Pennsylvania drivers may be able to relax (a little).

According to the review site Safewise, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that Pennsylvania was one of the states with the least number of drunk driving deaths per capita in 2017. Only seven other states were safer, which New York and New Jersey being the two safest.

Researchers noted that states with tough drunk driving laws tend to be the safest for drivers. That makes sense. It also means that Pennsylvania may soon be even safer. In October, the state legislature passed a law that makes drunk driving an even more serious crime.

In the past, drunk driving in the state had always been considered a misdemeanor offense. Now, all fourth offenses and any third drunk driving charges involving a blood alcohol content that's double the legal limit or more becomes a felony. One anti-drunk driving advocate says that now "people are going to have another reason not to drive impaired."

Drunk driving wrecks can be among the most devastating of all, and they're entirely senseless. Nobody "accidentally" ends up behind the wheel after they've been drinking. The choice that someone makes to drive after they've been drinking can drastically alter the lives of their victims forever.

If you've been injured in a car crash due to a drunk driver or a driver who is intoxicated on any other substance, find out more about your right to compensation.

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