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Parents urged to stop using Rock 'n Play sleepers immediately

There are a lot of safety recalls and warnings about dangerous products -- but some are more critical than others. When infants are involved, the consequences of an unsafe product can be deadly.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Attorney General Kwame Raoul have both advised parents to discontinue using the "Rock 'n Play" sleeper made by Fisher-Price, which has been on the market since 2009.

Over 30 infants have died in connection with the sleeper -- some from merely rolling over in the device while unrestrained. Fisher-Price has even taken the step to offer parents either a product voucher or a refund for the item.

Fisher-Price and Mattel (which is the parent company for Fisher-Price) are now contending with class-action lawsuits over the 4.7 million recalled sleepers. According to at least one lawsuit, the sleeper's design was defective and could easily cut off an infant's ability to breathe. Parents, however, were led to believe that the sleeper was perfectly safe for infants.

Despite the fact that there's been a history of problems with the sleepers, the recall only went out a few weeks ago -- and it's difficult to say how effective it will be. The fact the recalls don't always make it to the ears of the people who need to hear about them is one reason that the CPSC urges parents to check recall lists regularly for toys, infant furniture and other items that could put their children in danger.

Consumers have a right to expect the products they purchase to be safe when used as intended. If you or your loved one suffered an injury because of an unsafe product, find out more about your legal right to compensation for your loss.

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