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Stay safe when merging into traffic: Tips you can use

Merging into moving traffic can be scary even at relatively low speeds on a city street. It's far worse when you're merging into highway traffic that's moving more than 60 miles an hour!

Here are some tips from experts that can help you stay safe when you merge:

  1. Realize that the traffic won't adjust to you. You need to adjust to the traffic.
  2. Do not slow down or stop your vehicle when trying to merge. In fact, you should increase your speed to match the traffic you're joining.
  3. Check your blind spot before you make that shift into traffic. Remember that your mirrors are useful, but blind spots can and do create problems for drivers trying to merge.
  4. Put your turn signals on. They serve as a necessary warning to other drivers that you need to move into their lane and help make them aware of your intentions.
  5. Never try to merge across more than one lane of traffic at a time. Even if it looks like you have the room, give yourself a few seconds to adjust to the lane you are in and then check your blind spots again before you shift to the next lane.

It's important to understand that accidents involving a merge can be caused by a number of different factors. The merging car could have been moving too slowly -- or too fast. Another driver may have suddenly changed lanes without signaling. A car could have suddenly increased its speed, into the merging vehicle.

Injuries involving merging vehicles can be serious, and insurance companies may try to lay the blame on the wrong party. If you've been injured in a merging accident, make sure that you understand your legal rights and your options -- before you start talking to the insurance company. Contact our office for more information if you've been injured on the road.

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