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What are the most common summer injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Summer is the time for outdoor fun and adventure — but the warm weather, long days and active nights can also pose unusual dangers for many people.

Hospitals and doctors report an uptick in a few very specific types of injuries every summer — especially over the weekends when people have the sparest time (and, apparently, are the most inclined to get into trouble).

What are the major culprits behind the busy season in hospitals everywhere? According to reports from doctors, they often see:

  1. Heat-related injuries — From relatively mild cases of dehydration to full-blown heat stroke, the summer heat can be taxing on the human body. People often suffer the worst when they’re forced to labor in the high heat, especially if the heat comes on suddenly and their bodies have no time to adjust.
  2. Burns and open wounds — If you’re thinking of the sort of injuries that occur around a campfire, you’re on the right track. A lot of backyard grills and fire pits are the center of attention in the summer — but alcohol and fire don’t mix. People also get stabbed with campfire forks, suffer ax injuries when cutting wood and slice their hands open with knives — and social hosts may bear some liability if they don’t control the situation.
  3. Swimming and boat injuries — Far too many people see the water as somehow “safe,” despite the very real risk of drowning. What’s worse is when someone is reckless with their speedboat or doesn’t insist that passengers wear appropriate life-saving gear.
  4. Food poisoning — Are you headed toward a pig roast? Maybe a family picnic? Or just a community fair where you happen to know the best blueberries or ribs will be available? Well, unfortunately, food safety isn’t always on point at these kinds of things — and people do get salmonella and other diseases from food that’s been left out too long in the heat or improperly washed.

All four of these kinds of injuries can leave you in the lurch, medically and financially. If you’ve been injured because of a negligent boss, neglectful host or food poisoning due to unsanitary and unsafe practices, it may be time to find out what rights you have to compensation.


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