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Who is responsible for fireworks injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Product Liability |

Fourth of July celebrations are a big deal all across the nation. However, not everybody who gets their hands on fireworks acts responsibly. Accidents can and do happen when fireworks are used — and the injuries can be quite severe.

If you were injured while attending someone’s Independence Day barbecue or party, who is liable? Here are some potential options:

The fireworks manufacturer

Fireworks are, admittedly, a dangerous product to use. However, they should still come with a set of instructions that are designed to guide their use and minimize the danger. If the package didn’t contain appropriate safety instructions or the fireworks malfunctioned, you may have a reasonable product liability claim against the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, there’s a strong chance that you may not be able to hold the manufacturer accountable. Many fireworks are made overseas, and the fly-by-night companies that make them can disappear quickly when there’s a problem.

The fireworks distributor

Product liability laws may allow you to sue the company that sold the fireworks. Retailers owe the same duty of care toward their customers that manufacturers do.

You may run into problems if the fireworks were purchased through a pop-up shop that’s now vanished. You may also have difficulty pressing a suit this way if the fireworks were bought on an online marketplace like Amazon. Amazon, for example, has successfully avoided liability for many defective items because it only serves as a meeting place for sellers and buyers — not an actual distributor.

The host of the party

Finally, the party’s host may be liable for your injuries and losses. Premises liability laws put a certain responsibility on social hosts to make certain that they provide a safe atmosphere for their guests. If you weren’t doing anything that could increase your danger, you may have a claim.

If you’re struggling to manage your medical bills and other expenses following a fireworks injury, don’t struggle alone. Find out what kind of legal recourse you may have.


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