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How common is it for kids to get hurt on the bus ride to school?

As a parent, sending your child off to school can be an exercise in trust. After all, you love your children and want what's best for them. That's why they go to school, but it's still hard to leave them in the care of a virtual stranger for more than half the day.

So many parents focus on the teacher who will be in the classroom with their children that they overlook someone else who has a critical safety role in the lives of school-age kids. The driver responsible for getting your kids' to and from school every day literally has the life of your children in their hands when they work.

It can be a daunting experience to wave good-bye to your child as they take off in a large vehicle driven by someone you don't know. Familiarizing yourself with statistics about school bus crashes may help you feel more comfortable with your child's transportation.

According to an analysis of crash statistics, the bus is safer than your car

Kids who walk to school or ride with their parents are about 70 times more likely to be involved in a crash on their way to or from school than if they rode the bus . It may seem strange that such large, difficult-to-maneuver vehicles are safe, but their size alone helps protect the children inside.

In the event that a school bus is involved in a crash, 70% of the time it's the passengers in the other vehicle who wind up severely hurt. Every parent wants their child to be safe at school, and the relative safety of a school bus remains a convenient option. While even one injury may seem like too many, transportation on the school bus is safer for your kids than riding to school in a passenger vehicle or walking there.

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