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What's the real danger of distracted driving?

Car accidents cause about 90 deaths every day, and about three million people suffer injuries in crashes every year. How much does distracted driving come into play?

A lot, apparently -- especially in the United States. Reckless driving, which is often related to distracted driving is behind 33% of all car accident deaths. However, a deeper look into exactly how distracted driving presents a safety challenge on the road to everyone is even more disturbing.

Here are some of the most startling facts about distracted driving in the U.S.:

  • Nine people -- or roughly 10% of all fatal accidents -- are killed each day by distracted drivers.
  • Another 1,060 people will suffer injuries in wrecks that could have been avoided if the other driver had been paying attention to the road.
  • Twenty percent of all car accidents are directly attributed to distracted driving.

What's behind all this distracted driving? Distractions can come from passengers, pets, the car's radio or GPS system and numerous other sources, but the real culprit seems to be cellphones. The problems with distracted driving exploded about the same time that cellphones came into existence.

One out of every three people admit to texting and driving, and 40% of people say they've been passengers in a car where the driver was texting while in motion. A driver's attention to the road is diminished by about 37% while texting. This may be while those drivers are 23 times more likely to end up in a wreck.

Unfortunately, while you can control your own behavior behind the wheel, you can't control anybody else's. If you end up injured in a car accident because a driver was texting behind the wheel, make certain that you protect your personal and financial interests.

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