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Injured by a distracted driver? Get assistance

Distracted driving isn't exactly brand new -- but it seems to be rising to new heights lately. In 2018, there were 4,637 known distracted driving fatalities -- a sharp rise over the 3,166 that occurred in 2017. As you can imagine, the number of injuries each due to distracted driving is much higher.

In general, the problem is that drivers often convince themselves that they aren't really distracted. Some people simply underestimate how quickly an accident can happen -- they honestly don't understand the danger. Others simply only see "texting and driving" or "talking on a cellphone" and driving as the whole problem.

Truthfully, any of the following can be considered distracted driving:

  • You're paying partial attention to the GPS while looking around for an exit.
  • You fish around in a briefcase, purse or bag for something you need.
  • In motion, you reach under the seat for something you've tucked away.
  • You get too caught up in the conversation or actions of your passengers.
  • You are eating or drinking in the car while on the road.
  • You spilled food or drink in the car and are trying to drive and clean at once.
  • You use your phone to check your email from work.
  • You check online for the hours of the business at your destination.
  • You get distracted by a voice-activated assistant (like Siri).
  • Someone is playing with the radio and distracting you.
  • You are preoccupied with a pet in the car.

You know you can do your part to reduce the dangers of distracted driving -- but you can't rely on other people to do the same. Knowing how to practice defensive driving is always going to be important. If you do end up in an accident with a distracted driver or a loved one is killed by someone's irresponsible behavior, find out more about your legal choices.

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