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The scary statistics about runs on red

About 85% of drivers out there realize that running a red light is dangerous -- yet, one in three drivers will admit that they've done exactly that sometime within the last month.

The apparent disconnect between awareness and action may be partially to blame for the fact that fatalities as a result of a "run on red" are climbing. According to a recent report, 2017 saw the highest number of fatalities in a decade, with 939 people killed. That's almost two deaths per day and represents a 28% increase over the number of deaths reported in 2012.

The majority of the time, it's the driver or passengers of other cars being killed -- not the driver actually running the red light, suggesting that the people who violate the law aren't the ones suffering most from their actions. At least one representative from the National Safety Council (NSC) has stated that researchers believe that many of the accidents caused this way result from the deliberate actions of drivers who simply decide they don't have time to wait for the light, noting that, "It's frustrating because it's so obviously preventable."

The number of drivers out there willing to take a chance and run a red light should be concerning to everyone. After all, you can control your own behavior, but you can't do much about other drivers' habits. Sometimes, all the defensive driving habits in the world won't protect you from another person's foolish choices.

If you fall victim to a reckless or inattentive driver, don't allow an insurance company to dictate your recovery. Consider the value of experienced legal assistance with your claim.

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