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Do you want to avoid driving while distracted? Here's how

If you have seen an accident caused by distracted driving, you may be interested in how to avoid it yourself. If a driver was distracted, rear-ending a vehicle and causing a crash, the injuries to the other driver could be life-changing.

It is not easy to deal with the pain and suffering that can happen after a crash, which is why it's smart to go over what happened and to make sure you don't make similar mistakes in the future. As to distracted driving, there are lots of ways that you can avoid it.

Distracted driving is prevalent in America

Based on information from March 2019 collected from 2,000 Americans, parents, at 87%, admitted that they were more likely to be distracted than adults who were driving without children. Among people between the ages of 18 and 34, 37% stated that they felt that they needed to respond to work-related inquiries and messages while they should have been focused on driving.

Of the types of distracted driving, texting was the most common. The next most common action was taking photos, which was followed by browsing social media. It's safe to say that none of these actions are necessary behind the wheel, and they're better left set aside until you park.

How can you avoid getting distracted while you're driving?

One tip that works well for people is putting their phone out of reach. Whether it is put inside the center console or placed it in the passenger-side glove box, putting your phone in a difficult area to get to will make it harder for you to be distracted by it.

Another good tip is to get set up before you drive. Set an away message on your phone, and turn it to silent. You can also make sure you eat, drink and set your radio station before you put your vehicle into gear so that you're not distracted once you're behind the wheel.

The truth is that everyone is human, and there isn't a way to account for every distraction that could occur. However, the majority of distracted driving-related accidents can be avoided by focusing on the road and doing your best to avoid distractions such as food, heated conversations, phone calls and texts. Eliminating these distractions is a significant step toward safer driving.

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