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Autumn safety while driving in Pennsylvania

If you're living in Pennsylvania or just visiting relatives over the holiday season, it's wise to take a few moments and remember that the autumn season brings a few unique dangers to motorists -- especially in rural areas of the state!

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has some advice they'd like to offer drivers:

1. Be wary of wet leaves

The leaves may continue falling for a while, and the fall season is notoriously wet in this part of the country. A carpet of wet leaves can be just as hard for your tires to grip as a sheet of solid ice.

If you find yourself on a road that's strewn with damp leaves, slow down and take your turns carefully.

2. Watch out for fog and the sun's glare

The valleys of Pennsylvania are known to collect fog that can last most of the day in rural areas, so you have to be careful that you don't try to rush through a patch. At the same time, you may run into problems with sun glare if your daily commute puts you in line with the sunrise and sunset each day.

Make good use of protective eyewear when the sun is bright and slow down if it's foggy. Remember to aim your lights low when they're fog so that you don't blind other drivers.

3. Look for ice in high spots

Overpasses and bridges tend to cool down faster than other parts of the road. They also stay cold longer. That means you can be on dry land one second and sliding on the ice the moment you start across a bridge.

Pay attention to weather conditions and be particularly cautious in the morning if there's been an overnight frost.

Despite your best efforts, you may still end up in a serious car accident through no fault of your own. If that happens, make sure that you have someone on your side to protect you from the insurance companies.

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