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Who is responsible for accidents caused by a tire blowout?

Could a defective tire be responsible for your car accident? Tire problems lead to car wrecks more often than many people realize. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that there are about 200 deaths every year on American roads that are related to tire malfunction.

What kinds of tire defects can put your life at risk on the road? They include:

1. Poor vehicle repair

The suspension, ball joints and other parts of a vehicle have to be properly maintained in order to keep its tires from wearing unevenly. When the tires don't wear evenly, they're more prone to sudden failure or blow-outs.

2. Bad tire maintenance

Sometimes, the tires themselves are just poorly maintained. For example, if the vehicle's owner doesn't rotate the tires properly, keep them inflated correctly and make sure that they're free of obvious damage on the sidewalls, that can lead to an unfortunate accident down the road. An improperly repaired tire -- like one that suffered a puncture hole and was plugged -- can also lead to an accident.

2. Manufacturer defects

Tires sometimes have a hidden defect that's there from the start. Some of the most common signs of manufacturer defects include:

  • Tread separation
  • Steel belt separation
  • Dry-rotted rubber

All it takes is a small defect in someone's tire to cause a major accident on the highway. Sometimes, a vehicle's owner is responsible for tire problems that lead to an accident but other times, the law allows victims to hold tire shops and mechanics liable for mistakes that led to tire problems. Tire manufacturers can also be held responsible for producing a defective product that leads to a serious car accident.

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