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Dental injuries and car accidents: What to know

Car accidents are simply an unavoidable hazard of modern life. There will be approximately 6 million car accidents this coming year. In those accidents, roughly 3 million people will be injured -- 2 million of them permanently. While many people associate broken bones and head injuries with car accidents, dental trauma is something that few people consider.

How common is dental trauma after a car wreck?

Dental trauma after a car accident is probably far more common than most people realize. Roughly 48% of people with facial trauma that end up in the emergency room after an accident also have dental trauma.

What are the signs of dental trauma after a wreck?

Keep in mind that you may not realize you've got trauma to your jaw or teeth. That's partially because other injuries may be capturing most of your attention and partially because the adrenaline you feel after an accident can mask the symptoms of many injuries.

If you hit your face, bumped your jaw or even clenched your teeth too hard in the wreck, you need to examine your mouth and jaw for:

  • Any soft-tissue injuries, which could be a visible indicator of more serious injuries or even become problematic in their own right
  • Any change in your "bite" when you bring your teeth together at rest or while chewing
  • Any missing pieces from your teeth -- even little chips -- because that indicates you received a serious blow
  • Any loose teeth -- because that's a sign that there may be breaks under your gums -- or teeth that have been pushed out of position
  • Pain, aching or numbness in your jaw, even if there are no visible injuries

Dental injuries after a car wreck can run you thousands of dollars -- and you have every right to expect compensation for your dental bills and your pain to come from the other driver. Find out more about how to enforce your legal rights.

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