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Safety tips for driving in the rain

During the early months of the year, rain can be even more problematic than snow on the roads. Ideally, if you can avoid being out and about in bad weather, that's probably for the best.

If you're like most people, however, you can't pick and choose the times you're on the road (especially during your weekday commute). Here are some tips for driving in the rain that could save your life:

Give yourself extra time

If you have to be out, give yourself a little extra time to get where you're going. This will make it easier to maintain the proper distance from the car in front of you. Make certain that you particularly avoid following too closely behind large vehicles like delivery trucks and city buses. The water spray from those kinds of vehicles can obscure your vision or cause your car to slide.

Use your vehicle appropriately

There's no need to ride your brakes in the rain -- and doing so can cause you to hydroplane. Just take your foot off the gas, instead, whenever possible. Make certain that your car's window wipers are in good working condition and flip your headlights on -- even in daylight.

Pick your roads carefully

Try to avoid unlit roads and areas that are off the beaten path. Make sure that you pay attention to the cars in front of you as you approach standing water so that you don't flood your engine. It's also helpful, especially during downpours, to stay in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you.

No matter what precautions you take when you're driving, you can't control what other drivers do. If another motorist was driving recklessly in the rain and caused an accident, find out what you can do to hold that person accountable for your injuries.

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