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How long do personal injury claims take?

You were injured through no real fault of your own and you spent several weeks laid up and unable to work. The insurance company doesn't want to play fair so they offered you less than it takes to even cover your medical bills. You're thinking of hiring an attorney, but it seems to you that personal injury claims take forever to settle, so you aren't sure.

Well, it can take a while to get some results from a personal injury claim. However, there's a good reason for that. Once you understand what's happening, you may not mind the wait so much.

Every injury case is governed by the statute of limitations. In Pennsylvania, you're given two years to file an injury claim after your accident. In many cases, a personal injury attorney may wait until close to that two-year mark to actually file because:

  • The time leading up to that point can be used to feel out the insurance company for a negotiated offer on an informal basis. A negotiated settlement can save both sides a lot of stress and expense.
  • Your attorney may be waiting to see if your condition will improve -- or worsen. Some injuries take a while to heal and you don't want to rush the gun and file when you're only partially recovered. That could put you at a disadvantage if your condition abruptly worsens or doesn't improve as anticipated.
  • It can take months just to gather all of your medical records and work records and then organize them so that they tell a "story" about your injury and recovery. Rushing that process can cause something important to be overlooked.

Insurance companies hope you'll go for the quick settlement, so they often throw victims a low-ball offer just as the anxiety about the unpaid medical bills and missed work starts to settle in. Many victims figure "something is better than nothing" and take what they're offered. That's a mistake. Find out how an experienced advocate can get you the injury compensation you deserve.

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