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Why you might need to file a civil suit after a car crash

When a serious car crash leaves you or your passengers with significant injuries or demolishes your vehicle, you probably assume that your auto insurance will cover you and make sure that you don't incur substantial financial losses.

After a car crash in Pennsylvania, some people feel shocked when they learn that the insurance available may cover only a tiny fraction of their total costs. Many people believe that if they carry good coverage, they have good coverage. However, the amount of coverage available and which policy pays after an accident will depend on who caused the crash.

In the event that you get into a collision caused by a driver who either has inadequate insurance or no insurance at all, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only way to recover compensation for costs not covered by insurance. Otherwise, you will have to pay out of pocket for vehicle repairs and even medical costs, as some insurance companies expect to subrogate injuries from car crashes.

What is the lowest amount of protection a driver can carry?

Many people view car insurance as a burdensome expense rather than a necessary protection. Most people with this kind of attitude will seek to get the least amount of coverage for the least amount of money as opposed to maximizing the amount of coverage they have available in the event of a crash.

Under the law in Pennsylvania, that could mean that the person who caused your crash only has coverage for $5,000 worth of property damage and $15,000 worth of medical expenses for one injured party (or $30,000 of medical coverage for injury to two or more people). Your personal insurance policy also has a mandatory injury rider on it that extends $5,000 worth of medical coverage to you and your occupants, regardless of fault.

It doesn't take an accountant to see how those numbers might be far too low to really protect people after a serious crash. If you don't have special insurance riders, your policy won't close those gaps.

A personal injury lawsuit can help you recover the full cost

When someone purchases a liability insurance policy, they pay for a specific amount of coverage. Regardless of the circumstances or the severity of the injuries and property damage they cause, their insurance carrier will not pay more than the maximum benefit allowed under the policy.

When your expenses exceed the coverage you receive, a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver may be the only potential avenue for recovering the full amount of compensation you deserve after a serious crash.

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