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How old is too old to drive safely?

Getting a driver's license is a big milestone in a person's life. People often equate these new drivers with being rather unsafe because of a lack of experience. Those same people might think that people who are elderly shouldn't be driving because they're unsafe. It's easy to assume that once people reach a certain age, they shouldn't be behind the wheel of a vehicle. The fact is that a person's age doesn't really have an impact on their ability to drive.

Instead of focusing on the number of years the person's been alive, the focus must be on how the person's abilities enable them to operate a vehicle. As people age, there is naturally a decline in mental, cognitive and physical ability, but this doesn't happen at the same rate for everyone.

How can a senior citizen determine if they're able to drive safely?

Some elderly individuals just know when they can't drive safely. Others might be told by their loved ones that there is concern about how well they can drive. If there is ever any question about the person's ability to drive, they can visit their doctor for an evaluation of their abilities.

A primary care physician can work closely with the senior citizen to find out if there are any challenges that they're facing that might make it unsafe for them to drive. As part of the evaluation, the doctor can look at things like what medications the person is on and how their medical conditions are impacting them. They can also do functional testing to determine whether it's safe for the person to keep their driver's license.

What happens if they cause a crash?

Crashes that are due to the actions of a senior citizen are handled in the same manner as other wrecks. Victims of these crashes may suffer serious injuries that require extensive medical care. They have the option of pursing compensation for the financial impacts of the wreck. This might include medical bills and lost wages, but may also extend to other things like pain and suffering, care assistance and related costs. Because of the time limits related to filing this type of case, victims should get the process of seeking compensation started quickly.

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