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Could car accidents occur close to home?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drivers may adjust their habits out of an abundance of caution. Pennsylvania residents may opt for short drives on local streets to run quick errands, as opposed to traveling on highways. Traveling around the neighborhood is not entirely without risk, though. Surprisingly, a significant number of traffic accidents may take place close to home.

Accidents may happen without much delay

A somewhat alarming report emerged from an Austrian telematics provider’s study. The data procured from the study suggests short trips come with a tremendous chance for an accident. There could be some compelling logic found in the data.

Drivers do not always find their vehicles to be the only ones on local roads. Other drivers, including negligent ones, might be out as well. A short trip to the local supermarket or convenience store might mean pulling into a parking lot, a location where accidents might happen due to distractions and other reasons.

Assumptions that short trips are inherently safer might also be among the reasons for crashes. People may not be as alert or concerned when traveling a short, common route.

Possible causes for crashes

The reasons for car accidents vary, although distracted driving now ranks high on the list. A person talking on the telephone or sending texts puts short-time and long-distance commuters equally at risk. An intoxicated driver might prove dangerous on any road at any time, as well.

A driver may become impatient in their desire to get home after work. Driving beyond the lower speed limits in a residential area and not coming to complete stops at stop signs may create dangers.

No matter how short a trip is, a driver may benefit from being careful, as car accidents may happen anywhere. Unfortunately, even careful drivers run the risk of crossing paths with a negligent one. In the aftermath of a collision, calling an attorney might be advisable.


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