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Do some days bring increased car accident risks?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A car accident could happen at any time in Pennsylvania, so drivers might not want to let their guards down. However, statistics reveal that some days and times might be more dangerous than others. Work and personal schedules could make skipping trips at these times impossible. Therefore, drivers may wish to be extra careful when traveling at these times.

Weekend worries when driving

Saturday appears to be the one day of the week when accident risks increase. And a “day” does not only involve times when sunlight shines, as the evening hours also bring risks. The reasons appear somewhat clear: Many people do not work on Saturdays, meaning the day becomes one for shopping, errands and leisure activities.

More people on the roads rushing around could lead to more collisions. Sadly, not all crashes result in minor vehicle damage. The NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System noted that 2016 saw 6,802 people lose their lives in Saturday accidents.

Friday and Sunday also saw many accidents occur, and late afternoon/early evening appear to be the most dangerous times. Day turning into night and decreasing visibility, intoxicated driving and fatigue might be factors that contribute to accidents.

Weekdays present risks, too. Rush hour traffic, particularly afternoon rush hours, could see many accidents.

Dangers and factors present

Once again, drivers need to realize that dangers always exist on the road. Assuming driving in the afternoon on a Sunday eliminates risk could be a wrongheaded and premature decision.

Other drivers might not even be the cause for the danger. Anyone who feels too tired to drive or who operates a vehicle in need of repair could put him or herself in danger, along with anyone else who might become a car crash victim.

Negligence, no matter when negligent actions occur, may lead to civil claims. Perhaps drivers might wish to review their auto insurance policies to see if they carry adequate amounts of coverage. Persons traveling during days with heightened dangers could benefit from added protection.

A motor vehicle accident might result in terrible injuries. Anyone hurt in an accident may wish to discuss the incident with an attorney.


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