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Do traffic jams set up potential accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pittsburgh remains a bustling city in Pennsylvania, and the many drivers commuting on the busy streets could cause congestion. Activity could come to a sudden stop when traffic jams occur. The stop-and-go nature of traffic jams may appear safer than high-speed highway traveling, but accidents and injuries still happen. Cars can be dangerous at any speed, even when moving at a crawling pace on Pennsylvania roads.

Traffic jams in Pittsburgh

The Steel City has some well-known locations known for traffic jams. Commuters might not avoid them since work or school schedules lock them into traveling during rush hour. Traveling Interstate 376 Parkway West to the airport could deliver unavoidable jams as many people have planes to catch. Route 19 in the South Hills, Route 28 and other roads may bring occasional frustration. Being prepared for the slow-moving traffic might help someone deal with the delays.

Unfortunately, frustrations with traffic could lead to drivers making disastrous decisions. A motorcyclist choosing to drive between vehicles could increase safety risks. A driver who tries to speed through a yellow light may cause a collision, and road rage incidents could cause physical confrontations. The aftermath of these and other potential incidents could involve an otherwise avoidable injury.

Paying strict attention to traffic

Moving violations are not the only reasons why accidents may occur in a traffic jam. Someone who perceives that traffic is moving may step down on the gas a bit too hard. Rear-end collisions and whiplash incidents can happen.

Traffic jams might also increase the chances of becoming distracted. Losing oneself in music, radio stations or the news may draw the mind from traffic. Accidents may result from any inattention when operating the vehicle.

Car accidents could happen in either congested or free-flowing traffic throughout Pennsylvania. Accident victims may need to speak to a personal injury attorney in order to pursue compensation for their losses.


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