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The most common distracted driving behaviors

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pennsylvania drivers are likely among the 87% of U.S. drivers who admit to engaging in distracting behaviors while driving in the last three months. Distracted driving is becoming a growing concern for the country as it’s a significant cause of vehicle accidents. However, most people don’t realize some of the most common activities that are classified as driving distractions.

What are the most common driving distractions?

When it comes to naming the biggest driving distractions that cause car accidents, many people point the finger toward texting and driving. While texting is definitely a distracted driving behavior, it’s not the most common. Rather, there are four types of driving distractions that most people are guilty of. These include talking with passengers, managing their entertainment system, talking on a hands-free mobile device and eating food.

Hands-free calling is still distracting

Out of all the drivers in the survey who admitted to using a hands-free mobile device, 75% of them did not consider it a distraction. The reality is that calling, even on a hands-free device, can be extremely distracting. It takes a driver’s attention off the roadway and the task of driving.

Citizens share concern about distracted driving

Of those surveyed regarding their distracted driving behavior, 81% admitted that they were concerned about the impact that distracted driving was having on the roadway. However, they personally continued to utilize distractions when driving. People are concerned about distracted driving, but not many are doing a lot about it.

The first step in reducing the most common distracted driving behaviors is understanding what they are. Then, everyone can do their part in eliminating these distracting behaviors from their driving routine.


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