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Tips to help reduce pedestrian fatalities

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Throughout 2019, there were a total of 6,205 pedestrian deaths in the country. Since everyone tends to be a pedestrian at some point in time, this is a scary statistic to hear. Raising awareness throughout the state of Pennsylvania about pedestrian safety can help to reduce the number of fatalities.

Follow the rules of the roadway

Many car accidents that involve pedestrians are a result of the vehicle driver not being able see the pedestrian until it’s too late. As a pedestrian, it’s highly advisable that you be predictable. This means using marked crosswalks and obeying the crossing signs at them. Vehicle drivers are more prepared to see you at these crosswalks than they are in the middle of the street.

Use sidewalks to your advantage

Sidewalks are designed with pedestrian safety in mind. Whenever you see sidewalks along the roadway, you should be using them to walk to your destination. Sidewalks help to give you a protective barrier between the roadway and where you’re headed. If sidewalks are unavailable along the streets that you’re on, it’s advisable to walk as far off to the side of the road as possible. Make sure when you’re walking that you face traffic; it’s hard to make split-second moves when you’re unaware of what is behind you.

A large part of safety is having pedestrians do their part to help make themselves more visible to vehicle drivers. Two great ways to do this are to always follow the rules of the roadway and use sidewalks when they’re available to you. If you’ve recently been injured as a pedestrian, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney to help with your case.


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