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How dangerous is driving after a night shift?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Certain jobs could leave someone physically and mentally tired. Long hours and demanding work during a graveyard shift could leave a Pennsylvania employee worn out and impair their reflexes. After working from midnight to 6 a.m., workers departing their job sites may find it hard to drive home, contributing to accidents.

Shift work and car crashes

Drivers lacking alertness may place themselves and others at risk. A tired driver might suffer from concentration issues, and things could worsen when night leaves roads shrouded in darkness. Failing to see a bicyclist or pedestrian may lead to a fatality. Even “fender-bender” car crashes could result in whiplash, back injuries and more.

A research study performed at the University of Missouri suggests that people working the night shift present dangers on the road. Specifically, a night shift worker may have a 300% increased risk of an accident or “near miss” when traveling. Even if the tired driver nearly misses another vehicle, the other startled driver could crash into yet another car.

Negligence and night shift work

Some drivers might not see that traveling while fatigued translates into risky behavior. A night shift worker may struggle to remain alert at the wheel but doesn’t get into an accident. Routine behavior won’t eliminate the chances for a future lawsuit, however.

Someone who feels tired from night work could opt to call a rideshare service or take the bus; deliberately choosing to drive while fatigued may leave the worker responsible for any resulting car accidents. While an auto liability policy might cover the incident, an injured person may still suffer long after any settlement occurs.

A personal injury attorney may represent a client injured by a fatigued driver. Pursuing compensation might involve insurance settlements or going to court.


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