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Pennsylvania experiences dangerous winter driving conditions

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Winter isn’t harsh for everyone in the United States, as some regions experience mild weather. Pennsylvania does not fall under that description, as Keystone State residents might suffer through blizzards and below-zero temperatures. Winter conditions cause more than mere discomfort since the weather affects the roads, so much that Pennsylvania ranks among the top five deadliest states for winter driving.

Dangers for winter drivers in Pennsylvania

Illinois, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could suffer from terrible winter weather. One tragic fact comes from data that reveals these five states account for 36% of all winter driving fatalities. Pennsylvania ranks as number two behind Michigan, highlighting the dangers of driving in the Keystone State.

Between 2013 and 2017, 197 people lost their lives in winter driving crashes in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were the top two locations for fatal collisions, likely due to their high population numbers. I-80 saw the most number of fatal crashes, while I-78 and US-11 are tied for number two on the dire list.

Avoidable deaths may be the most tragic since adjusting for winter driving conditions might not be too challenging. Driving at a safer speed and keeping the vehicle maintained could potentially reduce hazards.

Safer driving and fewer liabilities

Taking steps to drive safely during hazardous road conditions may keep drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists out of harm’s way. The data revealing the number of fatal accidents might prompt some to drive more cautiously. And accidents need not be fatal to change lives, as victims could suffer permanent injuries. Even minor injuries come with costs, such as time off from work and medical bills. Still, some drive dangerously on the road, increasing the chances of car accidents.

Negligence may lead to civil punishments in a personal injury lawsuit. A wrongful death case might result in a significant punitive judgment, which comes on top of requirements to pay for other losses.


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