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Tips for minimizing collisions between motorists and pedestrians

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians could result in significant injuries or death to all parties involved. If you are hurt in a collision that takes place in Pennsylvania, it may be in your best interest to take legal action. However, it may be easier to prevent this type of event before it happens. Let’s take a closer look at what drivers and pedestrians can do to stay safe while out in public.

What can motorists do to minimize the risk of a crash?

Motorists are encouraged to refrain from using a cellphone while driving as it can increase the risk of an auto-pedestrian accident. They are also encouraged to listen to the radio at a reasonable volume as loud music can be a distraction. Finally, it is never a good idea to operate a car while drowsy or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What can pedestrians do to minimize the risk of a collision?

As with motorists, pedestrians should also travel while free of distractions such as using a cellphone or listening to loud music. They are also encouraged to heed traffic signs and signals such as red lights, stop signs or don’t walk signs. This may reduce the odds that they try to cross a street or make a turn into oncoming traffic.

Everyone should be constantly monitoring their surroundings

Motorists should constantly scan intersections for pedestrians who may be getting ready to cross the street. They should also be ready to stop quickly if a pedestrian emerges from behind a car or from other areas that may be hidden from view. While out at night, those who are walking or riding their bikes should wear reflective clothing or use flashlights.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision caused by another party, you should stay at the scene until police arrive. While there, you should take pictures, record video footage or collect other lines of evidence that may be useful for a subsequent claim.


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