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Things to avoid after an auto accident in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Very few events in life can create apprehension like an auto accident. Those involved in an accident may not know what to do immediately following the collision. The best personal policy is to check for injured passengers in any vehicle first before calling the police because they do need to know if anyone’s life is in danger. However, after taking that first required step, there are a few things to avoid while waiting for Pennsylvania police and emergency personnel.

Avoid interacting with other parties

It is important to remember that an accident scene may also be a crime scene as well, and tempers can flare quickly after car accidents. While it is acceptable to communicate with those who are injured, it is best to not discuss accident causation or respond to attacks by other drivers.

Avoid embellished answers to police officers

In addition to refraining from interaction with other drivers, it is also good to limit answers to officers who are trying to determine what happened. Pennsylvania uses the modified comparative negligence law of 51% fault that bars drivers from being compensated for their injuries. Police officers will be looking for evidence of additional fault even in a two-car shared fault accident. Answer questions succinctly and to the point, especially if there is the potential for additional liability.

Never admit fault

Just as in a criminal investigation, anything a driver says following an auto accident can be used against them in court. This means that it is vital to never admit fault in causing a mishap regardless of additional evidence.

These are just a few reminders for drivers when being involved in an accident in Pennsylvania. It’s important to first ensure the safety of all involved before taking steps to document the situation.


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