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Follow these safety tips to have a great summer on your ATV

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The weather is getting hotter in Pennsylvania, which is a sign that summer’s right around the corner. With that in mind, ATVs are popular vehicles to use during the sunny weather that summertime brings. But, before you get ready to ride, take a look at these important ATV safety tips.

Don’t ride on public roads

The name of ATVs implies they’re safe to ride anywhere. However, you should avoid taking your ATV out on public roads unless permitted by local law. For one, ATVs don’t always ride smoothly on paved surfaces. Plus, ATV riders risk getting themselves into car accidents while driving on public roads.

Always wear protective gear

You probably know to wear a helmet while operating an ATV. Considering that, it’s good to go the extra mile and outfit yourself with a few more protective items. Consider wearing protective glasses or goggles if your helmet doesn’t include them. It’s also good to wear boots that can prevent your feet from slipping.

Avoid alcohol consumption

Another way to stay safe on an ATV is by avoiding alcohol, which can drastically impair your judgment. Drinking alcohol also slows down your response time. Even if you ride your ATV in low-traffic or deserted areas, alcohol and ATVs are never a good mix. In most states, including Pennsylvania, it’s also possible to receive a DUI charge from drinking and operating an ATV.

To summarize, riding an ATV can be a fun experience. But don’t let the freedom an ATV provides trick you into letting down your guard and being reckless. If you’re a new ATV rider, consider taking safety courses before going out on the open road for the first time.


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