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Summer brings increased injury risks

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Once summer arrives and tourists take to Pennsylvania roads, expect to see more hazards on streets and highways. Crowded traffic conditions may result in greater risks of accidents, and the injuries victims suffer could be severe. When two cars collide, drivers and passengers might suffer broken bones and lacerations. Not all injuries are as apparent, so seeking medical care seems advisable after a crash.

Summer months bring potential injury trauma

It bears mentioning that all seasons come with hazardous risks. Winter in Pennsylvania means snow and ice, forcing drivers to be more careful when commuting. Summer driving has its particular risks, as speeding motorists may rush to reach the turnpike to head to their favorite destination.

Accidents might happen when summer drivers aren’t careful, and a light collision at a red light could crush a fender. Worse, a driver or passenger might never visit the emergency room or an urgent care center after the crash. Whiplash or other problems might go undetected, which could worsen without proper treatment.

Added dangers during the summer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns about increased traumatic brain injuries during summer. Specifically, the CDC points out that motorcycle and car accidents may lead to such injuries. Drivers may benefit from being additionally vigilant while traveling. A brain injury could lead to permanent disabilities that affect employment and quality of life.

Drunk, intoxicated and fatigued driving could cause accidents during the summer. Moving violations fueled by impatience and road rage may contribute to further dangers. No matter what caused an accident, victims might benefit from undergoing a physical examination to uncover any medical issues. Afterward, it may be necessary to take legal action against a negligent driver. Medical costs and lost wages could prompt victims to file a claim.


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