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How to prevent slip and fall accidents in the workplace

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Slip-and-fall Accidents |

Slip and fall accidents are common in many Pennsylvania workplace, but employers and employees alike can take certain measures to prevent them. Here are a few of them.

Maintain clean floors and eliminate clutter

Although spills often occur in the workplace, if they do happen, they should immediately be cleaned up. Keep floors clean and eliminate clutter that could potentially result in a slip and fall accident.

If there are any rugs or carpeting on the floor, they should be securely in place and in good condition. Any areas that are loose should be addressed. Rugs or carpets should be replaced if they’re tattered.

Keep stairways safe

Stairs and handrails should be in good, safe condition. If there are any loose steps, they should be repaired as soon as the problem is noted. Stairways should also be kept well-lit so employees can see. Handrails should be in good condition and the bottom of the stairs should be marked with reflective tape.

Use signs when necessary

Sometimes, it’s necessary to mop the floors during working hours. Or the weather might be to blame for the floors to be wet and slippery. In those situations, you should ensure that signs are put up that warn everyone about the wet condition. Failing to do this could result in a slip and fall accident resulting in serious harm which could lead to a personal injury claim.

Keep cords away

All cords should be kept out of the way and hidden behind walls or under carpets. This could prevent a trip hazard and keep employees and others safe.

Encourage proper footwear

Employers should encourage their staff to wear appropriate footwear. Depending on the kind of work they do, this might mean wearing work boots or other sturdy shoes that have good traction on the soles.


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