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What are the most common injuries sustained after car accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in Pennsylvania. When these accidents happen, they can cause all sorts of potential injuries. However, some post-accident injuries are more common than others.

Cuts and scrapes

Car accidents often cause pieces of broken glass to shatter and spread throughout a crashed automobile. It’s also possible for loose objects to violently strike a driver or passenger. As these things happen, they will often cause cuts and scrapes to the skin. Post-accident cuts or scrapes can range in severity depending on their depth and where they are on someone’s body.


Many post-collision injuries involve some form of whiplash. When cars collide, the speed of these vehicles suddenly stopping can whip people’s heads and necks forward. Otherwise known as whiplash, this condition affects the muscles, ligaments and tendons throughout the neck. Whiplash often causes neck pain and severe headaches.

Bone breaks or fractures

Car accident survivors often walk away from these scary events with broken or fractured bones. Broken legs and hips often happen after a motor vehicle accident due to their proximity to where the most impact occurs during a typical collision. Unfortunately, broken bones can take months to heal. In some cases, surgery might be necessary before the natural healing process begins.

Traumatic brain injuries

The impact from motor vehicle accidents often causes those in this situation to strike their heads against various surfaces. Sustaining such an impact can cause accident survivors to deal with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Medical professionals typically treat traumatic brain injuries quickly when they affect someone’s vital functions, including eating or speaking.

It’s vital to contact emergency services after a car accident happens. This allows you to receive a medical evaluation, which can spot injuries that aren’t evident after an accident. Obtaining medical treatment also documents your injuries, which is helpful if you seek damages against another party.


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