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Teen drivers at risk

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Upon reaching the age of 16, many teenagers will apply for driver’s licenses in Pennsylvania. Teen drivers certainly don’t wish to cause accidents, but collisions happen when a young, inexperienced driver does not react properly to avoid a crash. Teens and their parents may benefit from understanding why accident risks are so high for younger drivers.

Teen accident concerns

A teen driver might need more experience to understand common hazards and dangers on the road. A young person might not experience jaywalkers or joggers darting into the street or the signs of distracted drivers. In time, teens may value defensive driving skills but could be vulnerable during the time it takes to develop such abilities.

Teens could also make negligent mistakes when they drive, even when they should know better. A young person might try to get away with moving violations, such as speeding, only to cause a collision. Teens might be highly susceptible to distracted driving, and the presence of infotainment technology doesn’t help.

Teens might suffer distractions from transporting passengers in their vehicles. Nighttime driving may be difficult for inexperienced drivers, and teens could embrace destructive behaviors that worsen nighttime driving. A teen’s guardians might need to establish rules to address such things.

Teens and civil liabilities

A teen driver won’t find inexperience serves as a valid excuse when facing a lawsuit after a vehicle collision. When negligence factors into car accidents, the responsible parties could face legal troubles. The teenager might not be the only person served with a lawsuit. If the young person’s parents gave permission to use their car, they might also face liability claims.

Any driver with sufficient auto liability coverage might avoid personal financial losses. A victim could settle the claim with the provider for a substantial sum.


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