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Avoid a spring dog bite with these tips

Spring is slowly arriving, and that means that more dog walkers are going to be out and about with their pets on the sidewalks in residential neighborhoods just about everywhere. Unfortunately, not every dog walker is considerate enough of their neighbors to make sure their pooch is on a leash.

What are the real odds of a dog bite?

If you've never met a dog that you didn't like, you may not realize just how common dog bites can actually be. Unfortunately, many people end up bitten simply because they see every dog as "man's best friend" and don't realize that some dogs just...well, aren't friendly.

When you meet an off-the-leash dog while walking your own

Spring is most assuredly on its way in Pennsylvania, which means that dog walkers are going to be back out in droves. Unfortunately, not every dog owner is courteous enough to keep their dogs on leashes -- and that can spell trouble for anyone who happens to encounter them.

Follow these rules when visiting relatives with pets

Are you looking forward to visiting some of your favorite people this holiday season? Millions of Americans take time during the holidays to make the rounds with family members and friends they don't often see. That also means, however, you may be seeing a lot of strange dogs.

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