Champions For Injured Pennsylvanians

We Advocate For Victims Of Drunk Driving Accidents

No one expects to get hurt in a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver. These accidents are preventable. Still, this doesn’t provide much solace if injured. You may have a laceration that needs stitches or suffered head trauma or a spinal cord injury that will require your loved one to learn to walk and talk all over again.

Medical care and rehabilitation are likely necessary. So maybe the remodeling of your home to accommodate a new life in a wheelchair. Who do you turn to for comfort, emotional support and legal advice?

DelVecchio & Miller, LLC, of Pittsburgh is a law firm entrenched in our community. We know the people, and we know when they have experienced unnecessary suffering. We are a group of experienced attorneys with comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law gained through 60 years of experience. You won’t pay attorney’s costs or fees until we win your case.

So Many Victims, So Much Unnecessary Tragedy

Sometimes, people’s lives are shattered by the poor decisions of a drunk driver. Victims may include:

  • Unsuspecting drivers and passengers of other vehicles
  • Passengers in the vehicle operated by a drunk driver
  • Motorcyclists injured when a drunk driver blows through a traffic signal
  • Bicyclists who have little chance of escaping an injury from a vehicle weighing two tons
  • Pedestrians out on a leisurely stroll

We will advocate for you and go after drunk drivers and the mayhem they have caused.

An Aggressive Personal Injury Law Firm

Drunk drivers never should be on the road, but they are. If you are injured by a drunk driver and find yourself with excessive medical bills as well as emotional and financial suffering, we will assist you. We are an experienced, aggressive, understanding and passionate law firm that has represented many victims of drunk drivers.

We will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers at DelVecchio & Miller, LLC, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have 60 years of combined legal experience. For a free initial consultation, call our attorneys at 412-228-4541.