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6 types of staged auto collisions

Most of us are trying so hard to avoid getting into a car crash that we never consider the fact that some people are causing them on purpose. So-called "staged car accidents" are rising in popularity as a way for criminals and scam artists to make a quick buck.

Always report a slip-and-fall accident when it happens in public

The floor is wet, or the sidewalk is icy. Suddenly, you feel the world shift around you as your feet slid out from under you. You wind up falling on your back, slamming onto your side or crashing into nearby fixtures in the store. You may need help to get up, or you may even black out for a few seconds. If you don't notice a horrific injury, like a broken arm, right away, you may feel tempted to quickly move on and hope no one saw. Doing that could prove to be a major mistake.

What kinds of accidents result in wrongful death claims?

Unless you have personally experienced the loss of someone close to you in an unnecessary accident, you will not fully understand the trauma of such a loss. Family members will never stop wondering, "What if my loved one took another route to work that day?" Or, "What if the at-fault driver had decided not to drive drunk that night?"

Traumatic brain injuries from car crashes can change your life

No one plans to get into a serious motor vehicle collision. Although everyone knows there is risk of both injury and potentially death when you drive or ride in a fast-moving vehicle, it is necessary for most people in Pennsylvania with jobs, children or medical needs. Many people do their best to avoid risk factors, including drugs, alcohol and distraction while driving. However, the fatality rate is on the rise anyway.

Major mall accessories store sold makeup with asbestos

When you think of asbestos, you probably think of serious cancer, like mesothelioma. Most cases of this kind of cancer involve people who worked in industries with regular exposure. Factory workers, auto mechanics and even construction workers who handled insulation or asbestos remediation could end up developing serious medical conditions due to repeated, prolonged exposure to the toxic minerals.

Rompers sold at Cracker Barrel could prove deadly to children

One of the most unique things about Cracker Barrel is the Old Country store out front. While you're waiting for your meal or after you've finished, you probably want to peruse the cutesy items for sale. From giant checkerboard rugs to rabbit skins and even clothing, there's all kinds of gifts and fun items for sale. Unfortunately for some people, one of the items recently sold in Cracker Barrel could prove dangerous.

Serious slip-and-fall injuries are more common than you think

The slip-and-fall scene is so common in movies and television that many people have internalized the way Hollywood presents these accidents. A person slips, maybe on a banana peel, and flies up into the air, feet up and head down. The victim comes crashing down, buttocks and ego bruised, only to get up and walk it off.

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