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Woman files lawsuit after slip and fall on snow

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the location of our slip and fall story today. A woman in Lancaster slipped and fell outside of a convenience store after, as she alleges, a landscaping company failed to clear snow and ice from the ground. The woman sued the landscaping company for the incident, and that company - Home Grown Outdoor Finishes - has since filed preliminary objections to the lawsuit.

Did you slip-and-fall while shopping with the kids?

Maybe your slip-and-fall accident happened something like this: You were pushing one child in a baby carriage, while your 4-year-old was crying for you to buy a box of Tic Tacs. Next, your cellphone rings, but just as your say, "Hello," you slip on a wet piece of flooring and knock your head.

Winter weather can lead to slip-and-fall injuries

In addition to less sunlight and colder temperatures, winter can create a build-up of snow and ice in areas where pedestrians travel. This, if not promptly addressed and removed, can result in serious slip-and-fall injuries. These injuries can range from simple bruising to broken bones, nerve damage, and even closed head or traumatic brain injuries.

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