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Walmart sued after woman slips and falls in store

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Walmart after she slipped and fell in one of their stores back in June. The woman's injuries were not detailed in the source article, but what we do know is that the woman slipped on some water that was left standing in the store. It is unclear if there were warning signs around the spilled water to alert customers to the dangerous condition. That will be sorted out in the lawsuit.

Dangerous premises are a risk to everyone

Slip and fall accidents fall under premises liability, an area of law that actually covers a significantly greater field of injurious incidents than just slip and falls. Negligent and dangerous conditions can exist in myriad buildings, sidewalks, bridges, vehicles, and many other places. And when they lead to a person suffering needlessly and avoidable harm, it is only right that the victim gets a chance to hold the at-fault party responsible for their inability to cure the risky condition.

Water leak on rubber soccer field leads to broken ankle

While the circumstances for every slip and fall case are different, the source for our blog post today does have a unique setting. A man who was 38 years old in 2013 was playing indoor soccer on a rubberized floor at a gym when he slipped and fell on a puddle caused by a leak from the ceiling. The fall broke his ankle in several places, and the man needed three surgeries to correct the issue.

Head and brain injuries commonly result from slip-and-falls

It can be easy to brush off a slip-and-fall accident when it happens. You may feel embarrassed, particularly if it happened at a business where others are present. If everyone in the frozen foods section is staring at you, it's natural to want to get away from the area as soon as possible. Doing so could end up being a big mistake.

Man slips and falls at hospital, sues for $1 million

In September of 2015, a man filed a lawsuit against Baptist Hospitals of Southwest Texas in relation to a slip and fall incident that occurred a year prior in 2014. But as can be the case with lawsuits, it takes time for the full process to be completed. Filed in 2015, it was only recently that both parties agreed to a motion of continuance so that both sides could review discovery responses and information. 

Yet again, failure to place signage leads to slip and fall

Last week we wrote a post outlining the serious nature of slip and fall accidents. A couple of weeks before that, we wrote a post about a series of slip and fall incidents that occurred at the Mall of America within minutes of each other. And today, we continue the sip and fall theme by discussing a woman who is suing Wal-Mart after she slipped and fell on an unknown substance.

Video footage shows 3 slips within minutes at Mall of America

An interesting story is emerging out of the Mall of America. Though that may not be here in Pittsburgh, the story is an important one nonetheless. The incident in question dates all the way back to 2010, when a 10-year-old girl was walking through the mall at the time. She was passing through the food court when she slipped and fell on a clear liquid. As a result of the slip and fall, she suffered a serious knee injury that left her on crutches for months.

When you slip and fall on someone's premises, who is responsible?

Any property owner or non-owner resident has a responsibility to maintain a safe apartment, building or premises. Any guest or invitee that enters the property has a reasonable expectation for the premises to be safe. It is a right. So when a dangerous condition exists and it isn't properly addressed, you can get a premises liability lawsuit that comes from the accident related to the dangerous condition if someone is harmed.

University sued after student falls, breaks ankle

In March 2016, a woman was walking towards her dormitory at Florida A&M University. She was carrying groceries and just wanted to get home. However, as she tried the main pathway, she noticed it was blocked by a locked gate. She had to take a different path -- one that was not properly maintained. And, as you can probably guess where this story is headed, the woman fell and broke her ankle on the uneven path.

Landlord fails to address leak in timely manner, gets sued

A woman is suing the property manager of her building after she slipped and fell in her apartment. The woman said she noticed leaking in her apartment that allowed water to pool in her living room, washroom, and near the kitchen. She alerted the property manager of the problem, but they did not fix it in a timely manner. As a result of the property manager's unwillingness to address the issue quickly, the woman slipped and fell.

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