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New parents could be at risk for drowsy driving crashes

As a new parent, you probably already know that sleep deprivation is no joke and that not getting enough sleep can lead to more severe symptoms than just feeling tired. After waking up multiple times a night to tend to your baby, you may feel irritable, depressed or forgetful. However, you may not realize that sleep deprivation also causes several of the same impairments that alcohol causes, such as slower reaction times, reduced awareness of hazards and inability to focus.

Abdominal injuries after a car accident: What you need to know

Abdominal injuries often fly "under the radar" for a while after a car accident. Because the blunt-force trauma of the car accident is so shocking to your entire body, you may immediately realize that you have a neck, back or head injury. However, your abdominal injuries can take time to develop.

Police pursuit public policies vary on transparency

Police chases are some of the most intense road problems no matter where they occur in. Whether you're driving through your neighborhood, the highway or a long rural road, you do not want to end up in the middle of the commotion that arises when a police officer goes after a suspect in their vehicles.

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