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Another crash on a bridge leaves 7 people injured

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Just south of Pittsburgh in Dravosburg, Pennsylvania, a motor vehicle accident between a bus and a car has left seven people with injuries that required hospitalization. Two other people were hurt in the crash but refused medical treatment. All of them were on board the bus when it collided with the other vehicle. Details aren’t being released about the crash, but the bridge where it occurred was cleared relatively quickly after the crash happened.

Without the details of a crash at hand, it is difficult to tell what happened or who was at fault. But we can speak generally about car accidents and bus accidents like this.

There will be an investigation into any crash that involves a bus like this. Whether the carrier was private or represented a city or municipality, a bus crash is a serious incident. The bus riders will certainly be considering legal action in the wake of a bus accident if it can be proven that the bus driver or carrier was negligent in the crash.

Buses are large vehicles that carry tremendous momentum when they are out on the road. As such, bus drivers have to be laser-focused and alert when driving, and the carriers need to perform routine maintenance to ensure that the vehicle is safe.

Hopefully there are answers soon in regards to this crash. The injured victims deserve the truth, and if recklessness was involved in the crash, then they should consider their legal situation.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Seven hurt in crash between bus and car on Mansfield Bridge,” May 4, 2017


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